DDN 288

Everyone wants to be involved in the contract industry, with its design process going from concept to turnkey supply, where customization plays a key role. This is why we are telling you what good contract is in a country where only in recent years it has managed to express itself in an effective and efficient way: Italy.

Be they residences, hotels, offices, stores, we have brought some examples of contract projects characterized by the sensitivity and taste that are typical of the Italian peninsula. In the gallery, you will find our selection of products capable of providing added value to tailor-made projects. Moreover, we have dedicated an international observatory to the design of spaces that accommodate our future in the broadest sense: schools and educational spaces.

Rome, Warwick, Paris, Nishi-Ku, and Madrid have a common thread: not only do they focus on aesthetic and social aspects, but also on sensory and perceptual ones, thanks to technological connection and, above all, that between indoor space and nature.