The Golden Age is a legendary time of wealth and prosperity, also recurring in several royal eras, over different times. Why is gold associated with the most illustrious times in history? Because this precious, shiny, workable metal, on which a science such alchemy is actually based, has a hypnotic charm that never fades away and never fails to enchant. Although there are more precious metals than this, concepts such as light, value and prestige are immediately and naturally associated to gold, indeed, in figurative language, this term evokes uniqueness and an amazing beauty.

Gold can therefore be an entrepreneur who develops innovative technologies to face almost impossible
challenges, it is a rare piece in a very limited edition, it is a highly performing car cought after all over the world, it is an exhibition/moment of gathering and reflection, it is an exclusive destination, it is a clothes collection that gives lightness and elegance. Certainly, all that glitters is not gold, but if you go further and deeper, you will find that everything that is golden, is full of imagery.