Alice Pedroletti’s Colored Paper Sculptures Arrive in Venice at Marignana Arte

“Measuring reality: Marignana Arte presents in Venice the collective exhibition IDEAL-TYPES [CHAPTER 2]. Among the eight international artists, there is also Milan-based Alice Pedroletti, until September 7th Inspired by Max Weber sociological theory, Ideal-Types [Chapter 2] shares characteristics with real objects from daily life although it does neither derive from nor correspond to any concrete example. […]

The Italian National Architecture Award Is Coming


Which is the best building in Italy over the last 3 years? The National Architecture Award will soon provide an answer. The first edition will take place in Rome in 2020  During the last Milano Arch Week, Stefano Boeri, President at  Triennale Milano, Giovanna Melandri, President at Fondazione MAXXI, Margherita Guccione, Director at MAXXI Architettura, and Lorenza Baroncelli, […]