DDN 290

‘Catalyst’ was this year·s theme at the World Architecture Festival, showing how much architecture and design are generated by ‘kick starters·, as festiva/’s director Paul Finch told us in an interview. These comprehend cultura/ promotion, sustainability and new ways of thinking the city according to the main new challenges to be faced by designers: climate change, an ageing population, health and socia/ justice. We have picked

some of the attending projects and winners of the 44 categories, in particular the World Building of the Year; Landscape of the Year; Future Project of the Year; lnternational Building Beauty Prize.

lt’s an overview of beautiful and amazing projects.

In lwan Baan ·s pictures, Carte Bianche column of this issue, buildings aren’t immortalized as entities separated by time,

rather moments in which architecture comes to /ife, thus unveiling human·s innate ability to appropriate places, but a/so objects,

to feel them their own.

The items showcased in this issue·s gallery are characterized by sinuous and enveloping lines, which wrap those who sit on them: we are talking about padded furniture, ali absolutely comfortable, as well as very versatile, while the yarns of the upholstery are beautiful and tailored, with a wide choice of colours and custom solutions. These trends can be clearly seen leafing through our ltalian Living column, whether it is a home or a contract project.