DDN 292

This April issue is an unmissable journey into the heart of Milan. In addition to showcasing the latest trendy destinations for hospitality and its most beautiful interiors, we’ve also explored the city’s exceptional culinary scene. Visionary chefs who have brought new restaurants to life or revamped existing ones have shared their passion with us and explained the importance of offering a complete gastronomic
experience, which also includes interior design.

Staying within the culinary realm, DDN presents an exclusive feature dedicated to the ultra-technological innovations that will be showcased during Eurocucina and FTK, coming to the next Milan International Furniture Fair: along with furnishings, appliances also offer comprehensive solutions with performance on par with the most extraordinary gastronomic experiences, using cutting-edge materials. Furthermore, in honor of the city hosting the world’s most important design week, we will delve into the three main objectives focused on by the Territorial Government Plan for Milan 2030: promoting public housing, making the city more eco-sustainable with green buildings, and redeveloping peripheral areas without consuming new land.

In the upcoming pages, we’ll present projects from important Milanese
architecture firms and companies contributing to envisioning the city’s
future by modernizing infrastructure and rethinking its mobility.