DDN 293

In the May issue of DDN, the trends defining the contemporary contract sector emerge from our gallery: doors, upholstery, minimalist outdoor furniture systems are a predominant trend, with essential shapes and refined details to create a clean and elegant environment. The mix of materials becomes increasingly bold, with unexpected combinations that add depth and character to spaces. The same goes for colors, used to emphasize the personality of the environment.

The integration of technology is becoming more widespread, with home automation and smart systems integrated into furniture elements, offering a connected and automated living experience. Versatility, modularity, comfort, customization, and sustainability remain must-haves that cannot be ignored.

The selected realizations are perfect vessels for current trends while also sharing the valorization of local history and culture, integration with the surrounding environment, and the design of a hospitable and authentic environment, demonstrating that, although essential for meeting user needs, technologies and innovations must still preserve a sense of warmth and hospitality, an essential element for satisfying the deepest human need.