Pelty, the Bluetooth Speaker Powered by Fire

An eco-friendly Bluetooth speaker crafted in Italy is powered by fire, requiring neither wires not batteries

Bluetooth speakers are very trendy accessories: smart, wireless, with a sophisticated design, they have become an authentic furnishing complement.Made of an untreated wooden base holding a sinuous ceramic and glass structure, not only does Pelty distinguish itself from its competitors for its aesthetics, but also for its power source, which is fire.

You just need to light the candle to switch it on and, connecting to your devices, it will be able to play your favorite songs. It needs neither electrical wires nor batteries to work.

It is a technological and revolutionary furnishing complement (born thanks to young entrepreneur Edoardo Bosio) since Pelty is not an eco-friendly complement just because of the absence of a battery or electricity connection: this Bluetooth speaker is entirely made of natural materials, all from Italy.HOW DOES PELTY WORK?

On the base it has a small tank that can be filled with any common fuel such as domestic alcohol or bioethanol as the company suggests as it is odorless and produces low CO2 emissions. Fire the candlestick connected to the tank accurately hidden within the structure and the Peltier cell, a thermoelectric device, thanks to its temperature gradient, will start the magic. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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