Milan: Charles Fréger’s Photographs at Armani/Silos

Giorgio Armani hosts Fabula, Charles Fréger’s exhibition, along with his 2019 menswear collections at the theater in the Milan headquarters

Poster of the Fabula exhibition, photographs by Charles Fréger at Armani Silos, Milan, 2019

The pictures by photographer Charles Fréger that make up ‘Fabula’, presented during Milan Men’s Fashion Week (11-14 January 2019), will be on show until 24 March 2019 at Armani/Silos (via Bergognone 40, Milano).

Armani/Silos, Milan

Over 250 photographs by Fréger, from individual to group portraits: the focus is on uniforms, theatre costumes, traditional masks and much more, and the leitmotiv is the sense of belonging expressed through clothes.

Photograph by Charles Fréger

The French artist explores the dress codes adopted by small and large groups, focusing on the outer layers – dresses, masks, accessories, details – used all over the world – Europe, Japan, Central and South America – highlighting the power of clothing as a mean of nonverbal communication.

Unwana, Rwanda 2005, photograph by Charles Fréger

As explained by Charles Fréger: “Exhibiting at the Armani/Silos is a chance to introduce my photographic series since 2000 in a very inspiring space. It feels like visualizing the works chapter by chapter, as if the sublime architecture of the Silos was giving the rhythm to the photographic exhibition. There’s a sensation of time and evolution, a conversation with the rooms, the grey concrete walls and the precise lighting giving the best possible echo to the color of my photographs. An echo which is also at stake between the Armani silhouettes gracefully displayed and the uniforms, costumes and masquerades unfolded in the photographs.”

“The vitality of color is what caught my eye first, drawing my attention to the work of Charles Fréger,” says Giorgio Armani. “That color, however, is no mere visual feat: it is a depiction of human energy. As a fashion designer, I know clothing is charged with a great symbolic meaning: Fréger constantly reminds us of that, scavenging the deepest aspects of dressing up as a way of communicating. I am very happy to host such an exhibition at Armani/Silos.” [Text Giorgia De Sanctis]

Fantasia 2008, foto di Charles Fréger


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