Oled R, the Rollable TV by LG

A 65-inch, 4K resolution TV that rolls down into its base, Oled R is a new product presented by LG Electronics at CES 2019

At Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2019, LG surprises us again.

In addition to presenting the world’s first capsule-based craft beer making machine, the South Korean giant draws our attention with Oled R, a TV that rolls like a sheet of paper disappearing into an elegant base.

Last year LG presented the rollable TV technology as a future possibility for its Oled panels, of which it is the sole manufacturer. That possibility has become real with LG Oled R, the new 65-inch and 4K resolution TV of the Signature line, available by end of 2019.

What’s the use of a product like this? Don’t think about it as a mere television, but as a design object that you can show with pride or hide whenever you like.Oled R offers three viewing options. In addition to the classic TV mode when fully rolled up, there is The Hidden Zero View: the screen completely disappears into the base, allowing you to see what is generally hidden behind it and to place it wherever you like – even in front of a large window, not just before a wall. In this mode, it also acts as a sound bar compatible with mobile devices.The last and perhaps the most creative option is The Horizon Line View, which allows this new LG TV to unleash its potential: it becomes an elongated screen offering 5 features – Music, Clock, Frame (for your pictures), Mood, and Home Dashboard.The price has not been announced yet but it is very likely that, although it will not be a low-cost product, LG Oled R will be immediately a great success on the global market. [Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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