#Youngatlents: experimental furniture

Emerging British designer and maker, Mac Collins focuses on creating experimental and handmade objects and pieces of furniture, as well as on manipulating and enhancing the intrinsic beauty of the materials he works with.

Alongside this material approach, Mac brings into his works his personal cultural experience and his roots through an aesthetic narration, celebrating his dual heritage and culture – European and Caribbean – and exploring his identity, as well as exposing it to the public.

Drawing inspiration from its African ancient cultural heritage, Iklwa was born, a piece of furniture in tune with the ideas of Afrocentrism and Afrofuturism. Through a composition of ‘powerful’ and marked forms, an enveloping backrest and a vivid hue, the designer created a visually intense object, designed to attract the eye and the interest of the public.

Impossible not to be attracted to it. Much like a throne, almost carved into the material, this ash structure aims to frame the human subject sitting on it. [Text A.M.] www.maccollins.com

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