Lapilla, Magnetic Lamp for Glamorous Panels

The magnetic lamp Lapilla embellishes Magnetika, equipped metal wall paneling by Ronda Design: this shining lamp, of changeable shape, is an innovative décor idea for walls Lapilla is the new magnetic lamp designed by Debonademeo to embellish Magnetika, Ronda Design’s collection of wall panels made of metal and magnetic elements that can be freely positioned. […]

ES/Finestra Windows Make Villa Z Surrounded by Nature

Large and functional glass surfaces by Es/Finestra characterize Villa Z, designed by Marazzi Architetti, on each side and in each room The concepts of ‘full-glass’ and material minimalism, which are ES/Finestra’s inspiring principles, are evident in Villa Z, designed by Marazzi Architetti: the large windows encourage the union with the landscape. High technology and aesthetic […]