Lapilla, Magnetic Lamp for Glamorous Panels

The magnetic lamp Lapilla embellishes Magnetika, equipped metal wall paneling by Ronda Design: this shining lamp, of changeable shape, is an innovative décor idea for walls

Lapilla is the new magnetic lamp designed by Debonademeo to embellish Magnetika, Ronda Design’s collection of wall panels made of metal and magnetic elements that can be freely positioned. Lapilla is very flexible since it can be moved at will and the base and lampshade are joined by a power cable (instead of a traditional hard rod): you can have fun making it take on different shapes!

Functional and practical, this charming metal lamp recalls red-hot lapilli from volcanic eruptions (the idea from which the project and its name derive). Its structure makes it possible to make it take on various shapes and to create plays of light and shadow. Lapilla can be secured to metal panels through magnetic force alone, and its base and lampshade are joined by a power cable with no rigid coating that, being long and slender, can create customizable designs. Using magnetic wireways, it is possible to make the cable follow a geometric, curved or linear, path; the cable can be shaped depending on your taste and the character that you would like it to have, be it curved or square.The lamp is available in different colors: black, white, graphite, titanium, embossed copper, embossed brass; with red or black lead. The variant with fixed base is designed with the positioning of Lapilla lined up with the holes in the wall intended for wires to go through, whereas the variant with electricity socket can be secured freely anywhere on the wall, leaving the cable under the base exposed.

[Text Carlotta Russo]

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