Ore 18.00, l’orario è finito: Photography and Memory

In Turin until February 17th, 2019, Massimiliano Camellini’s photo exhibition ‘Ore 18.00, l’orario è finito’ illustrates the lost world of textile work

Greggi (Photo Massimiliano Camellini 2010)

With their nostalgic black and white, Massimiliano Camellini’s pictures, on show in the bookshop of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (via Modane 20, Turin) until February 17th, 2019, communicate with immediacy the end of the classic industrial era. It is extraordinary that Camellini did not choose a completely empty example of industrial archeology but a textile factory where time stopped in 2007, when it closed. His pictures reconstruct in detail one of the many last days of work that coincided instead with the end of an era.

Leumann 14 (Photo Massimiliano Camellini 2010)

These photographs are also collected in the volume “Ore 18, l’orario è finito. Fotografie di Massimiliano Camellini” (“6 p.m., the working time is over”, with texts in Italian and English, published by Hapax Editore), with important textual criticism by scholars of photography and industry historians. The book will be presented on January 31st, 7 pm, at the Auditorium of Fondazione FSRR.

Massimiliano Camellini, born in Venice in 1964, has always worked with research photography. In the past he dealt with universal themes such as human instincts and dreams and his latest work is ‘Al di là delle acque’ (2016). His photographs are exhibited in collections and museums all over the world, including Museo della Storia della Fotografia Fratelli Alinari in Florence. Since 2013 he has been Director of the Italian Chapter of the Royal Photographic Society (CIRPS).

Leumann 12 (Photo Massimiliano Camellini 2010)

Camellini carried out the project currently on show in Turin between 2010 and 2012 at the former Leumann cotton mill in Collegno (province of Turin), curated by Lorand Hegyi. The historical plant is at the center of the village built by illuminated entrepreneur Napoleone Leumann between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th . The exhibition, before arriving in Turin, was presented in different venues in Italy, Seoul and Saint Etienne (France).

As Lorand Hegyi comments, “Massimiliano Camellini shows us the past through the approach to the small, almost invisible and insignificant details of the present, that bring in themselves the totality of the past. In this way melancholy is created, the fatalistic internalization of the passing of time.” [Text Lucia Bocchi – Photo Massimiliano Camellini]Leumann 10 (Photo Massimiliano Camellini 2011)

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