Willing to Change Furniture? Rent a Table

The trend of furniture renting arrives in Italy with #AfforTable by Studio Apeiron, which offers a designer table for 1 euro a day!

#AfforTable ‘Pittorico’ by Studio Apeiron

The international trend of furniture renting aims to revolutionize the furniture market and arrives in Italy with the #AfforTable campaign by Studio Apeiron, which designs and produces made in Italy furnishings. After cars and appliances, also furniture may be soon included in a sharing economy perspective.

Architects Dario Brivio and Francesco Cazzaniga from Studio Apeiron with 4 rentable tables

Dario Brivio and Francesco Cazzaniga, young architects from the Brianza region, rent out their design pieces for 1 euro a day for at least 6 months. They started with 4 table models, with 4 leg styles and 4 top finishes. The tables made of scented Lebanon cedar, available in different sizes and customizable colors, may be shipped anywhere in Italy. Moreover, each #AfforTable comes with its own maintenance kit including natural oil, wax, sandpaper and a cloth to spread the products.

#AfforTable ‘Natural’ by Studio Apeiron

#AfforTable, a word play on affordable, seems to be the right formula for young generations who see the home as an ever-changing place, where everybody uses everything, nothing is owned and everything is shared. These are the results of a recent survey (Resolution Foundation, The Guardian) according to which one in three UK millennials will never own a home.

Dario Brivio, Francesco Cazzaniga di Studio Apeiron con il manifesto di #AfforTable

The rentable tables are made by skilled Italian craftsmen and are sustainable: they use local wood from trees that have already fallen or are going to be felled, and many trees are planted each year to offset carbon dioxide emitted.

#AfforTable ‘Magma’ by Studio Apeiron

Studio Apeiron focuses on three aspects: care for the earth, care for the people, fair sharing. Versatility, research, use of renewable energy sources, green design, salvaged materials: these are the foundations of Dario Brivio and Francesco Cazzaniga’s work, who make design pieces with low environmental impact. [Text Giulia Bruno]

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