Morgana, the chest of drawers always ‘on the move’

Morgana is the new versatile and customizable chest of drawers designed by Daniele Lago for Lago: its drawers rotate and slide to make it suitable for any room!

Lago presents Morgana, a modular and customizable chest of drawers designed by Daniele Lago. Dynamic and stylish, Morgana has a special (almost ‘magical’) joint that allows you to change the arrangement of the drawers independently, in order to meet your needs in terms of space, function and taste.

Available in different configurations, from 1 to 7 drawers, in 31 Lago colors, in polished or lacquered glass, Morgana allows you to reinvent the layout of your house thanks to its highly customizable design and the endless combinations of colors and accessories.

Depending on the chosen composition and number of drawers, it can turn into a bedside table or a chest-of-drawers, decorating in a stylish and original way your bedroom, living room and even your bathroom! [Text Carlotta Russo]

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