Natuzzi Italia Suite at Casa Decor 2019

At Casa Decor 2019, in a historical building in Madrid, the Natuzzi Italia suite by Raúl Martins expresses the style of the brand with harmonious colors and geometries

The living area of the Natuzzi Italia Suite set up by Raúl Martins, at Casa Decor 2019

Casa Decor, the exclusive interior design event unique in Europe, (Madrid, Salamanca district, until March 10th, 2019), hosts the Natuzzi Italia Suite for the fifth time, whose decoration has been entrusted to Raúl Martins, one of the most talented Spanish interior designers.

The sleeping and relaxation area of the Natuzzi Italia Suite at Casa Decor 2019

In the 1925 building that hosts Casa Decor 2019 (the event takes place every year in a different venue in the center of Madrid), Martins captured the essence of the brand making the most interesting pieces from the Natuzzi Italia collection dialogue with geometric textures, stone finishes, rich tridimensional wallpaper textures.

The green velvet of the Icon sofa, designed by Michele Menescardi, meets the shades of pink of the floors and accessories of the living area. In the sleeping area, on the contrary, warm shades, just softened by grays and whites, characterize the upholstered headboard of the Venere bed designed by Bernhardt & Vella. The Penelope armchairs designed by Mauro Lipparini highlight the majestic and lively spirit of the interior decoration.

L’angolo relax di Natuzzi Italia presso Casa Decor 2019, con la lampada a sospensione Circle e il coffee table Svevo

The Suite is enveloped by the light of the Circle lamp – metal frame and opal glass diffuser – that enhances the colorful harmony, the geometric patterns of the curtains and the golden sparkles on the walls. [Text Giulia Bruno]

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