Rubner Haus, Minimal Impact on the Environment and Maximum Customization

Rubner Haus, designed by architect Stefan Hitthaler in Kiens, in the lower Puster Valley, is a house that absorbs energy from the ground. Thanks to the millennia-old use of wood and the most advanced technologies for green building, Rubner Haus is the perfect example of how tradition and innovation can coexist. Architect Stefan Hitthaler explains: […]

Choose a color and I’ll tell you who you are –

Gli italiani scelgono i colori della loro casa in base alle emozioni e i gusti cambiano a seconda delle aree geografiche. La casa racconta di noi e lo fa anche attraverso colori ed emozioni. Esiste anche un legame indissolubile tra persona e colore. Questo è quanto emerge dalla ricerca “Gli stili emotivi dell’abitare” di Sigma Coatings. Un’analisi dal […]

Design your life: 10 years of Brera Design District

Brera Design District, one of the leading districts of Milan’s design week, celebrates its tenth anniversary. In 2018, Brera Design Week registered a record edition, with 210 events, 395 exhibitors and a passage of over 350 thousand people. With all these results, Brera Design Week will be presenting itself in 2019 with the claim “Design […]