Design your life: 10 years of Brera Design District

Brera Design District, one of the leading districts of Milan’s design week, celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Installazione all’Orto Botanico, Brera Design District 2018, foto Mattia Vacca.

In 2018, Brera Design Week registered a record edition, with 210 events, 395 exhibitors and a passage of over 350 thousand people.

Wallpaper Handmade, Brera Design District 2018, foto Stefania Tagliabue.

With all these results, Brera Design Week will be presenting itself in 2019 with the claim “Design your life“, an invitation to the general public, to enter into the spirit of the project, and to designers, to design with sustainability in mind.

Installazione dell’azienda Preciosa, Brera Design District 2018, foto Raffaele Riccardelli.

Lezioni di design Award

Like every year, it proposes a format that includes the choice of a theme and the Design Lessons award. For the tenth edition, 10 Ambassadors have been identified, which develop 10 different project themes, through exhibitions and presentations.

1) DESIGN YOUR COMMUNITY: Marco Mari an Carlotta Borruto (Italia Innovation)

2) DESIGN YOUR CREATIVITY: Mauro Martino (IBM Research AI, Northeastern University, Italy / US)

3) DESIGN YOUR CULTURE: Ivano Atzori e Kyre Chenven (Pretziada)

4) DESIGN YOUR EMOTION: Oliver Marlow (StudioTilt – Codesign)

5) DESIGN YOUR FUTURE: Mario Cucinella (Architetto | MCA, SOS School of Sustainability)

6) DESIGN YOUR IDEAS: Daniel and Markus Freitag (Freitag)

7) DESIGN YOUR IMAGINATIONS: Thayse Viégas (Casa Canvas)

8) DESIGN YOUR MEMORIES: Aldo Cibic (Designer)

9) DESIGN YOUR TRANSFORMATION: Stefano Maffei (Docente, Politecnico di Milano)

10) DESIGN YOUR VALUE: Ben Sheppard (Mc Kinsey Design Index -The Business value of design)

Vitra allo spazio La Pelota, Brera Design District 2018, foto Mattia Vacca.

Among the events for 2019, Brera Design Apartment hosts Planetario, an interior design project by Cristina Celestino for Besana Carpet Lab, where the main character is a collection of carpets created by the designer.

MT Masking Tape, Brera Design District 2018, foto Stefania Tagliabue.

For the theme “Design your life”, Iris Ceramica Group presents MateriAttiva, a project by SOS School of Sustainability with Mario Cucinella Architects. The project offers visitors a multi-sensorial experience which guides them through a space evoking a new pact between man and nature.

Accademia di Brera, Brera Design District 2018, foto Mattia Vacca.

Again on the subject of sustainability, Timberland presents RoBOTL, a Gio’ Forma project inspired by Rebotl, a collection of shoes patented by Timberland. The exhibition, in XXV Aprile square, will be a robot, RoBOTL, a superhero of sustainability.

Bulgari Rules, Brera Design District 2018, foto Giulia Balestrieri.

The Brera Design District is also home to a large number of companies and designers.

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