Caveau, the Lamp by Icone Luce that Reinvents the Concept of Lighting

Caveau, the new lamp by Icone Luce, has won the international German Design Award for its cutting-edge technology

Icone Luce, a company specializing in lighting fixtures, reinvents light through cutting-edge technologies, high quality, attention to details. Thanks to these qualities, Icone Luce has won a prestigious international award, the German Design Award.

The winning product – which stood out in the lighting category – is Caveau, designed by Marco Pagnoncelli. It is a new concept of lamp: not a simple minimum size recessed lamp, no longer a concave space that accommodates a lighting body, but a product that combines the qualities of a spotlight with the size of a wall lamp and a brand new fully retracting system.

Caveau is an invention protected by industrial patent: with completely automatic opening and closure, it consists of a round element hinged to the wall, composed of a 6 mm thick disc that allows it to adhere to the wall.

When it is closed, it completely merges with the wall; when it is open, the disc is positioned at an angle chosen depending on brightness needs. Using minimum space, this lamp is characterized by easy installation and removal, with no need for masonry works. [Text Annamaria Maffina]

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