Freitag: Good or Bad Design?

During the FuoriSalone an installation helps us recognize the negative aspects of design

Swiss bag brand Freitag and artist Georg Lendorff team up for the Milan Design Week with “UNFLUENCER – De-sinning the designer.”The installation on show at Ventura Centrale, via Ferrante Aporti 23, aims to spark off a debate on the concepts of “good” and “bad” design in the 21st century.Paradoxically, talking about bad design or one’s worst works is more interesting and offers new ideas from a more sincere perspective. Supported by the set designers of Ortreport, the installation consists in projections on thousands of wires hanging from the ceiling, which blur the spatial and temporal perception of observers and passers-by. To promote dialogue on poor design and bad consumption even on the streets of Milan, all designers and consumers can be stamped as “de-sinned”, becoming recognizable throughout the city as reliable individuals as well as guilty of the same sins. [Text Cristina Provenzano]

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