Alberto Casati, the Designer Who Pays a Tribute to Italy and the Masters of the 20th Century

Colors and geometries characterize the works by Alberto Casati, young Italian designer at the SaloneSatellite 2019

Designer Alberto Casati’s booth at the SaloneSatellite 2019

Italian designer Alberto Casati exhibited his works at the SaloneSatellite 2019 for the first time: a series of iconic products that pay a tribute to his country, Italy, and great masters of the 20th century such as Ettore Sottsass, Giorgio De Chirico and Andy Warhol.

Alberto Casati

Bright colors and geometric shapes evoke a pop and surreal world.

Meneghina desk

Among the products on show there was the Meneghina desk, a tribute to Milan and Futurism. A mix of shapes and colors create a dynamic desk, whose profile recalls that of a stylized city, while the chair paired to Meneghina recalls Milan’s Cathedral.

Garibaldina bookcase

Garibaldina is a bookcase consisting in 14 block that, when correctly arranged, create Italy’s boot-like shape. As a perfect follower of Garibaldi, its color is red.

Micerino mirror

Last but not least, Micerino is a mirror that references Kandinsky’s abstract paintings. The mirror is surrounded by geometric shapes that create fun color and shape combinations. As its name suggests, Micerino represents the vision of the Egyptian pyramids in the desert. [Text Carlotta Russo]

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