A New Look for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel

Virserius Studio reinvents the interiors of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a luxury hotel and art stage

Virserius Studio, an American interior design and architecture studio based in New York and Paris, renovates the interiors of the Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas. After winning a year-long competition, in which the best interior design firms in the United States participated, the studio designed the new concept of the 3,000 rooms and suites of hotel, interpreting the motto “Just the Right of Wrong”.

The works began in 2018 and have been recently completed, resulting in a comfortable, engaging and luxurious location that stands out from the rest of the city’s hotels and resorts. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas represents a balance of design and elegance. Each space has been meticulously designed. The sculptural and imposing furniture has been custom-made. Colors, many of which recall jewelry, give charm and luxury to the rooms.


The canopies with damask patterns placed above the headboards occupy the entire wall, creating the illusion of a room inside another.


Art, curated by Imaggo Productions, the art consulting firm promoted by Virserius Studio, transforms the hotel’s rooms into a stage and guests into dramatic characters. Each space invites to reflect upon the right “wrongs” in life, allowing room for free interpretation.


The works that decorate the rooms have been created with special techniques. The photograph of the profile of a standing woman, for example, was brought back to life using powder delicately printed on recycled corrugated fiberboard, a technique that gave this artwork a three-dimensional look. [Text Carlotta Russo – Photo Eric Laignel]

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