Logo Effect on the Miu Miu Collection

The alphabet of style for Spring/Summer 2019

The space of the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show presented in Paris at Palais d’Iéna was set up as an alphabet referencing the essence of the word/brand with the letters “M”, “I” and “U”. Perceived as a tautology, a parade of attitudes inside the fashion show, a symbol, a brand.

“Alphabet of actions and behaviors”: this season’s proposal by Miu Miu plays on the three-dimensional symbol that evokes a face, a pet or a flower, affectionate but also abstract, in a playful and geometric modularity. The clothes of the collection are on the catwalk, magnified by the videos of the walking models.

Mini-dresses with bows recalling the corolla of a flower and sensual evening dresses, tailored jackets with shirts and very short miniskirts, paired with knee-highs and shoes with a high satin platform. The figure is framed by crystal-covered headbands featuring a decorative ribbon and vintage bon ton handbags. [Text Giorgia De Sanctis]

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