Le Belvédère, Dining with Nature

Troyes, in France, just 160 km southeast of Paris, is known for its historic center shaped like a champagne cork. There, in the heart of the Orient Forest, Studio MHNA has designed the restaurant Le Belvédère, an authentic piece of heaven

Glass surfaces and contemporary design characterize the project of the French restaurant Le Belvédère in Troyes, curated by Paris-based studio MHNA, which made the most of the landscape and the quiet and green environment surrounding the restaurant.

Wood, metal and glass characterize the architectural structure designed by French studio Tanguy, which collaborated with MHNA, with the aim of offering each client an exclusive view of the Orient Forest. The restaurant, with a capacity of 400 seats divided between the interior space and the terrace overlooking the park, offers a holiday atmosphere to its guests thanks to the touches of blue of the interior and the airy rooms with numerous furnishings designed by MHNA. Blue niches with sofas and tables guarantee guests greater privacy.

Natural brushed oak, blackened wood, seasoned copper, glazed lava and polished stone are the materials used for the interiors, in perfect harmony with the environment. The leitmotif of the restaurant is nature and, in particular, the presence of trees thanks to the prints on the walls and the external metal structure in the shape of tree trunks in front of the windows. [Text Paola Molteni]


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