Reinventing Surfaces

Wood-Skin: creativity, technology and innovation to transform every surface into an amazing furniture feature

Wood-Skin designed a new product concept, after its first collection in 2017. The new line of surfaces features bamboo for the first time, creating unusual shapes, first clean and linear, then increasingly complex and irregular.

The collection of 3D surfaces made with WOOD-SKIN products (Mesh Sheets, Fold Panels and Tailor Made) represents an ideal marriage between design, natural materials and new digital fabrication technologies represented by the patented WOOD- SKIN® process.

A sophisticated project with a high decorative impact, rich in spectacular elements inspired by nature, graphic arts, photography and art.

The patterns of Mesh Sheets – the system which allows to create organic and sinuous shapes from flat materials – features simple lines meeting pure shapes, thus originating harmonious surfaces and different aesthetic solutions.

On the other hand, Fold Panels are 3D panels characterized by captivating geometries built inside a rectangular or square module, also available in a version for acoustic insulation.

These collections allow for a wide range of possibilities and give new functionality and aesthetics to conventional materials such as wood, cork and laminate. [Text Annamaria Maffina]

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