Voice of Colour on Tour, 7 meetings organized by Sigma Coatings on color in design

What is the relationship between Italians and color? What is the relationship between color and domestic environments? What does the choice of a color represent at home?

These are just some of the questions Sigma Coatings – a brand of PPG Univer Spa and a leading Italian company in the field of construction paints, specializing in color – tries to answer with Voice of Colour, instructions for the correct use of color in domestic environments.

In 2018, the National Council of Architects of Rome declared that “Human beings and their wellbeing must be at the centre of the project again”. To achieve this, color must be a protagonist from the first design stages, used with the awareness of its functional and expressive characteristics, through material and chromatic experimentation, relying on new approaches and emotional experience.

These principles lie at the heart of the new color strategy devised by Sigma Coatings: a hub for analysis, research, design and experimentation on color, a brand that offers advanced color technology that translates into the most innovative solutions capable of meeting all market demands and needs in the best possible way.

Voice of Colour is a roadshow in 7 cities, in which Sigma Coatings will meet architects to spread the new Voice of Colour strategy.

Seven prestigious historic buildings, three of which belong to FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano – of which Sigma Coatings is a Corporate Golden Donor, located in seven Italian cities, will provide a special setting for an important training session dedicated to architects.

During each meeting, after an initial theoretical training, participants will experience the potential of an experienced and conscious use of color with a workshop titled “Il Progetto del colore nell’architettura”.

All the meetings of the Sigma Coatings roadshow are free of charge upon registration by filling in the form.

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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