MantovArchitettura 2019: An Event for Real Architecture Addicts

If you are an architect, or just an enthusiast, you must go to Mantua in May, during MantovArchitettura 2019

Study and library, Andrew Berman

Now in its sixth edition, MantovArchitettura takes place from May 9th to June 7th, 2019, with a program of meetings, debates, exhibitions, workshops, with the protagonists of international architecture: a rich program designed and organized by the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano.

School, Kere Architecture

The events are as interesting as the places that host them. Palazzo Ducale, Tempio di San Sebastiano, Casa del Mantegna, Palazzo Te, ex Chiesa di San Cristoforo, Biblioteca Teresiana, Palazzo D’Arco, in addition to the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano, become the classrooms where masters set up a dialogue with students, architects and architecture enthusiasts.

House, Bak Gordon

The programme of MantovArchitettura 2019, organized by the Mantova Campus of Politecnico di Milano, is mainly focused on Giulio Romano (a great architect/artist and a pupil of Raphael) and Mexican architecture.

Cruise terminal, Carrilho da Graca

As a tribute to Giulio Romano (and a preview of the major exhibition that will open on October 6th in Mantua), two exhibitions will celebrate the most talented of Raphael’s students at the Biblioteca Teresiana with “Giulio Romano. Il racconto di carta: libri e autografi”, and at Palazzo Ducale with “Messer Iulio Nostro Charissimo. Le fabbriche di Giulio Romano a Palazzo Ducale”.

Waterfront Shanghai, Liu Yuyang

As for Mexican architecture, some young architects will take part in MantovArchitettura: Manuel Cervantes, Estudio Macías Peredo, Atelier ARS, Taller de Arquitectura Rocha + Carrillo, Fernanda Canales.

Office building, Taller de Arquitectura (Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo)

Among international architects, we will find Pierre Louis Faloci (awarded with the Grand Prix national de l’architecture by the French Ministry of Culture in 2018), Eduardo Souto de Moura, João Luís Carrilho da Graça, who returns to Mantua to present his latest works and in particular the project of the Lisbon terminal, Liu Yuyang, Andrew Berman, Tony Fretton, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra, Ricardo Bak Gordon, Andrea Soto and Alejandro Guerrero.

Atelier Ars

Moreover, among the many scheduled events, there are the seminar on Le Corbusier and photography by Marco Introini, two meetings on Sacred Architecture and the Conversations, a new formula that will allow architecture students to engage in a conversation on equal footing with their teachers.

Tony Fretton photo Peter Cook

This year MantovArchitettura boasts a new collaboration with Associazione Arte Sella, which curates the contemporary art exhibition of the same name in Borgo Valsugana (Trento). On May 19th, “L’ultimo baluardo dell’architettura”, the installation designed by Eduardo Souto De Moura, Professor of Architectural Design at the Mantova Campus, will be inaugurated. [Text Paola Molteni]


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