Four New Vinyl Wall Coverings by Vescom

Four new products join Vescom’s vinyl wall covering collection

Four new designs for vinyl wall coverings: Watson, Lismore, Jarvis and Puccini. Opacity, strength, elegance, easy application, a wide range of designs are the distinctive features of this collection.

Watson by Vescom

Among the four new products, Watson stands out for industrial look that recalls concrete. The multicolored thin texture contributes to the sense of depth. The palette includes various tones of grey, which recall natural stone and the colors of earth, with delicate shades.

Lismore presents the typical irregular texture of linen. Its textile appearance, combined with the functional advantages of vinyl and the extreme ease of cleaning make it suitable also for the healthcare sector.

Jarvis by Vescom

Jarvis is a wall covering with a strong and distinctive identity that meets the needs of a more structured texture. With a slightly metallic look, the palette includes gray, bronze and rust.

Puccini by Vescom

Puccini is a striped wall covering that looks like opaque silk. It is available in natural colors and tone-on-tone contemporary hues. Moreover, it is particularly suitable for the hospitality sector.

The advantages of vinyl wall coverings

Vinyl is a material that offers a series of functional properties. Combined with a cotton support, it is extraordinarily robust, durable, resistant to light, scratches and shocks. It can be applied with imperceptible junctions and it is easy to maintain. Vescom’s vinyl wall coverings last from 10 to 15 years. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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