Refin: wood look ceramic tiles

Wood look ceramic tiles: highly resistant material expressing furniture styles in a highly versatile way

Refin porcelain stoneware, Wood collection

A trend becoming more and more popular in recent years is ceramic tiles inspired by other materials. Research into materials for interior design made huge progress, and Refin is one of the leading players in this research.

Refin porcelain stoneware, Giant collection

What are the advantages of ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles are compact, hard and non-porous, with high mechanical, abrasion and wear resistance, scratch-proof, stain-proof, chemical-resistant and non-freezing properties. With these features, it is a perfect material for floorings, both indoor and outdoor.

Refin porcelain stoneware, Chevron collection

Thanks to the technical properties, porcelain stoneware is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The sizes of the Refin range allow laying with 2 mm joints, and the joints are so thin to facilitate cleaning and give it an even more wood-like appearance; in large-sized slabs and maxi-slabs, the thinner joints enhance aesthetics, giving the appearance of real parquet down to the smallest detail.

Refin porcelain stoneware, outdoor Wood collection

Refin offers a broad range of finishes, making it possible to match any interior design style, from rustic country to contemporary, to vintage and shabby chic; in addition, the requirements for resistance and durability make it perfect for any room in the house, from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, just choose the favorite finish.

Grès porcellanato Refin, collezione Larix

The diverse collections range from the chestnut look to the larch, typical of the mountain cottages. Chevron evokes French floors, while Deck is the typical metropolitan oak; Mansion recalls ancient dwellings, Kasai perfectly replicates Japanese burnt woods. From the typical mountain hut covering to the woods worn out by time, Refin has a perfect finish for any interior design style.

Refin porcelain stoneware, Giant collection

The sizes are also different, to adapt to diverse interior design projects. Some finishes are available in 6 different sizes; the new 30×240 size is highly innovative, suitable for wood with a continuous grain, such as Giant, inspired by chestnut wood. [Roberta Mutti]

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