Fluttua, the New Suspended Bed by Lago

Lago presents Fluttua, the bed with invisible supports that does not seem to rest on anything, defying gravity Daniele Lago presents Fluttua, the suspended bed with extreme lightness and comfort. Fluttua features a central height-adjustable support, which is nearly invisible and allows the bed to defy gravity. This suspended bed has no stumbling block below it […]

Migliore+Servetto on Show at the Onground Gallery in Seoul


The exhibition, Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery, connects light, space and void The exhibition “Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery” opened a few days ago and is a place that visitors explore and observe. The exhibition by Migliore+Servetto Architects is patronized by the Embassy of Italy in South Korea, supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in […]