Migliore+Servetto on Show at the Onground Gallery in Seoul

The exhibition, Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery, connects light, space and void

A picture from Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto’s exhibition “Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery”

The exhibition “Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery” opened a few days ago and is a place that visitors explore and observe.

Some drawings where red is the dominant color

The exhibition by Migliore+Servetto Architects is patronized by the Embassy of Italy in South Korea, supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul, Noroo and i-Mesh. The firm expresses its design concept through installations that, combined with natural or artificial light, are harmoniously modified and shaped.

An installation from “Lightmorphing. From sign to scenery” organized at the Onground Gallery in Seoul (ph: Jaeyoung Park)

The sections of this project include “Red Light Architecture”, “Shades” and other works made by Migliore+Servetto Architects over the years.

Sketches of the event B&BItalia/The perfect destiny by Migliore+Servetto Architects

From original sketches where red is the perceptive means between real and represented space, to tapestries that change with light and interact with the void, to the installations “a-cromactive” and “B&B Italia/The perfect destiny”.

i-Mesh tapestries, installation (ph: Jaeyoung Park)

The exhibition is held at the Onground Gallery in Seoul until June 29th, 2019.

Portrait of Mara Servetto and Ico Migliore

[Text Isabelle Fournier]

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