High, Low, Fixed or Adjustable? We Present to You the Stools by Lapalma


11“Furniture to connect people”: this is the philosophy of lapalma, a company that makes stools, chairs and tables, including some Italian design icons For 40 years in the residential and contract sector, lapalma can boast 16 lines of stools created to meet different furnishing needs. From the iconic LEM to the original RYO, the company […]

In Rome, in the EUR District, a New Travertine Architecture


“Navicella sospesa” is a project by Spazi Multipli for Enterprise, completing the first block of the company’s headquarters “Navicella sospesa”, vista da via Eufrate The protruding volume, clad in travertine, the material of Roman rationalism, overlooks the valley with a large window, while the lower floor is in plaster and tuff. Also the floor below […]