High, Low, Fixed or Adjustable? We Present to You the Stools by Lapalma

11“Furniture to connect people”: this is the philosophy of lapalma, a company that makes stools, chairs and tables, including some Italian design icons

For 40 years in the residential and contract sector, lapalma can boast 16 lines of stools created to meet different furnishing needs. From the iconic LEM to the original RYO, the company has chosen 5 famous stool models to illustrate the fundamental stages of its success.

LEM by Shin & Tomoko Azumi

LEM, designed in 2000 by Japanese design duo Shin & Tomoko Azumi, is globally renowned for its versatility. With its simple and elegant shape, it is available in a wide range of colors, materials and textures, standing out in any space.

AP stools, designed by Shin Azumi

AP, the stool designed by Shin Azumi, is inspired by origami, obtained from a sheet of wood that has been bent as if it were paper. Easily stackable, thanks to its unmistakable shape, it is perfect in a restaurant but it is also suitable for domestic spaces.

GIRO stools by Fabio Bortolani

A swivel stool with an industrial touch, GIRO by Fabio Bortolani has an archetypal shape, resulting from the reinterpretation of memory and tradition. Light and dynamic, it is also available in a version with backrest, ideal to leave its mark in bars, restaurants, hotels or at home.

MIUNN by Karri Monni

MIUNN, by Karri Monni, is an enveloping shell that supports the back with a sinuous line, offering a comfortable seat and high versatility.

RYO by Enzo Berti

Lastly, RYO by Enzo Berti is a stool with a strong graphic character. It is the ideal solution for a workspace where freedom of movement is necessary, for public places, such as bars, cafes, bookshops, and wherever you need a place to rest, while standing. [Text Chiara Sgreccia]

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