Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island e il potenziale tecnologico dell’abbigliamento

Stone Island Shadow Project is a concept and a lab that explores the potential of modern clothing.

The 7019 collection introduces new kinds of interaction between man and the garment, designed to adapt to and harmonize with individual and environmental circumstances, unified by Stone Island’s in-depth textile research.

The ongoing research on new systems that change the shape of items for different uses led to the further development of Articulation Tunnels and Articulation Zippers, functional elements, vertical or horizontal, in the shape of a spiral or curve, that allow you to control the volume and tension of the item.


Other hi-tech characteristics include a removable Encase Panel that offers further shelter and the concealed Split Hood.

Three graphic patterns define the surfaces of the models of the collection: ‘Dpm Chiné with allover ripstop weaving and a new camouflage pattern, ‘Imprint Nylon’ plays on the contrast between surface and tension, ‘Lenticular Jacquard’ characterizes visually changeable fabrics.

Durable and versatile, the items of Stone Island Shadow Project are paired with comfortable sneakers in soft leather, also available in the perforated suede version, highlighted by matching graphics. [Text Barbara Tassara]

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