Jacuzzi and Laba Present the Outdoor Showers of the Future

Jacuzzi and LABA, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, design new outdoor showers, with water heated by sunrays

On the left, the AINA shower, by Chelsea Campostrini. The addition of hanging succulent plants connects the user to nature, offering moments of absolute relaxation. The structure is made of anthracite-painted aluminum to allow the water in the internal tank to heat easily

The new outdoor showers by Jacuzzi, designed by the students of LABA in Rovereto, the design institute headquartered in Brescia, need no electrical connection. To use them, you only need to connect them to a water pipe, heated by sunlight.

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On the right, TIPI, by Lisa Misconel, the second project selected by Jacuzzi. Inspired by Native American tents, it is a tripod structure made of anodized aluminum that allows greater thermal conductivity. Lightweight, linear and easy to move, it emits water jets from three heights, meeting different washing or relaxation needs

Original, innovative and energy-saving, these new showers have different performance, design and storage capacity. Located at a spa or by a pool, they make outdoor life easier and more enjoyable. Sara Massarutti, Product Manager Jacuzzi, explains the specific goal they wanted to convey to LABA students concerning the design of solar showers: “Our main goal was to design an original way to heat water. Going beyond mere stylistic exercises or aesthetic reinterpretations, students were asked to explore innovative solutions, making a contribution in terms of ergonomics and functionality while maintaining consistency between material and aesthetic value. The use of electricity was not allowed.” [Text Carlotta Russo]

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