Code 2019 is the Collection of Interior Fragrances by Paolo Castelli

On the occasion of “L’architettura del profumo” on Wednesday, June 26th, Paolo Castelli hosts three Maître Parfumeurs from Carbaline laboratory

Paolo Castelli showroom on via San Carpoforo in Milan

Luxury brand Paolo Castelli invites its customers on Wednesday, June 26th from 6 pm to the flagship store on Via San Carpoforo (Milan) for a ‘scented’ event.

Code 2019 series by Paolo Castelli: Riviera, Sean, Thirties and Sky

During “L’Architettura del profumo”, a series of meetings will offer the chance to approach and discuss the importance of the relationship between architecture and scent as well as interior design. Moreover, three Maître Parfumeurs from the Verona-based Carbaline laboratory will explain the importance of essences also presenting Code 2019, the first collection by Paolo Castelli: four interior fragrances that interpret “the dream of contemporary living.” [Text Anguilla Segura]

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