The Placemakers Furnishes Doha Metro

The Placemakers group is the official supplier of the furniture of the recently inaugurated Doha metro (Qatar)

A picture of Doha metro

It is an important work for the Italian group, which has had to deal with the project for 36 stations opening between 2019 and 2020, and complete the project in less than a year. The Placemakers, the world’s largest outdoor fitness and street furniture manufacturer group, includes Metalco, CityDesign, Bellitalia, MyEquilibria and Eitherland.

The Uluru modular seating system by Metalco, designed by Andrea Morgante and Shiro Studio. Modular benches with an organic shape, made of UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) with painted steel supports

Founded in 2018 in Veneto, the group shares the extensive expertise of its companies, cutting-edge production technologies and years of research.

Arrow, modular bench system, designed by C+S Architects for Bellitalia. Arrow consists of an arrow-shaped monolithic seat made of natural marble or white granite

Working with several contractors, coordinated by Mr Mohammed Timberly, architect in charge for the whole project, the group has provided the modular seating systems and waste bins in galvanized and painted steel.

The Lena bench and the Miane baskets by City Design in galvanized and painted steel

Both elements were designed for this project and are now part of the collections of Bellitalia and City Design, two of the companies in the group. For the Volta seat and showcase combinations designed by C+S Architects and made of white reconstituted Carrara marble, different compositions were used.

Modular urban furniture system for outdoor workstations, designed by Eitherland

The bench, with edges and curves finished with manual sanding, is inspired by the vaulted architecture of the stations.

MyBeast, MyEquilibria’s 360-degree fitness facility. Each curve has been designed to maximize biomechanics and training results. From high-performance reinforced concrete to stainless steel and exotic, durable woods, all MyEquilibria products are wear-resistant and sustainable

This element, which offers greater stability despite reducing the load on the ground, is painted in the color of the corresponding metro line: red, green or gold. The same color is also used for the EPICO baskets by City Design, made of stainless steel, which complete the project.

[Text Annamaria Maffina]

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