In Valencia, the Headquarters of Architecture Firm Sanahuja & Partners Is a Cultural Space

In Russafa, a district of Valencia, Sanahuja & Partners is one of the most significant buildings from the architectural and cultural point of view

Jaime Sanahuja Rochera founded his own studio in Valencia in the 1980s before opening offices also in Castellón and Ibiza. A man shaped by the Mediterranean culture, with the typical candor. His essence could be perceived from his debut, in all his projects, in his collaborations and in the competitions he has won.

From 3 to 5 May 2019 architecture firm Sanahuja & Partners participated in Open House Valencia, promoting architecture as an interdisciplinary model directed at the city, as a studio that intends to be a creativity hub for Russafa, a neighborhood that has been growing in recent years.

In the studio’s Hat Gallery, right at the entrance, it is possible to meet disciplines such as interior design, industrial design and landscape architecture. The following spaces range from the Hat Cinema to the Hat Music: they all show a deep transformation in line with the activities that take place there.

The offices of the studio are connected to the Hat Gallery by a wooden corridor that serves as a divider between one room and another, while the ground floor accommodates the operational area. The attic houses the library and an area dedicated to teamwork. Jaime Sanahuja, founder of Sanahuja & Partners, says: “We were closely linked to the Russafa district, long before the real estate boom in the area. Hat Gallery was born as a response to the dynamics of the neighborhood.” [Text Anguilla Segura]

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