HEART, 100% Made in Italy Designer Radiators from Marble Waste

HEART, the new brand of designer radiators with a smart, green, 100% made in Italy heart

HEART’s collections of designer radiators rely on a special ecological blend patented by PGL-Factory obtained from waste marble powder, conglomerated with a special nontoxic and water-soluble acrylic resin.

The result is an extremely malleable composite that acquires its shape in a silicone mold solidifying at ambient temperature without using further energy sources.

HEART takes the concept of radiator to the next level: the blend of powder and resin contains the heating element with a flexible foil and a copper coil. A hybrid solution that keeps the temperature of marble constant when in function.

This is the smart heart of HEART: a patented technology known as HST® – HYBRID-STONE TECHNOLOGY.

Customizable design

PGL-Factory produces the silicone mold in house, which allows it to produce HEART in an endless range of shapes and colors (in RAL color standard). Moreover, it is possible to print any image on the marble surface, meeting any customization need.

Creation of the composite and silicone mold, cold casting and drying of the panel, assembly and packaging: all HEART collections are made in the PGL-Factory plant. The process is entirely carried out locally, thanks to the companies that supply the heating elements inserted in the stone body during the casting phase, which are designed, produced and assembled by local companies. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]


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