LG Electronics Introduces AI Washing Machines

Reducing consumption and preserving the quality of fabrics are the goals of the new range of Artificial Intelligence washing machines by LG Electronics

LG Electronics, a leading brand in the household appliances market, launches two highly technological product ranges: combined refrigerators and AI DD washing machines, inspired by users’ needs.

Clothes lose their brightness and quality every time we wash them. LG, which has always been particularly attentive to this aspect, has created the new range of AI DD washing machines with which, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to adjust each washing cycle to the fabrics, ensuring the utmost care of your clothes, short washing cycles and very low energy consumption.

The functions of the AI DD washing machine by LG


The TurboWash 360 function guarantees complete washing in just 39 minutes, reducing washing times by 60% and water and energy consumption by about 50%.


The 3D multi spray is a 360-degree multiple spray jet directed at the items in the basket, optimized in line with the selected washing cycle. Combined with the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which, thanks to 6 different movements of the basket, allows water to reach every corner of the basket, it ensures shorter washing cycles and better performance.

In addition to the Allergy Care function, which removes 99.9% of the allergens, the Wrinkle Care function emits steam to reduce wrinkles by up to 30%, thus facilitating ironing.


The SmartThinQ AI platform makes remote management possible, controlling the progress of the washing cycle, or even downloading the washing programs to choose the ones that best suit your needs. Last but not least, some of AI DD’s smart functions (e.g. program selection, start or stop, estimated time, etc.) are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to manage washing cycles just with your voice.

A modern and compact design


A design that has been completely revisited compared to previous models, with the aim of combining practicality and aesthetics: a tempered glass porthole for greater strength, a metal knob that gives more elegance and a bigger display that allows for a better user experience. LG has been able to offer a bigger basket without changing external dimensions (10.5 kg in 56cm and 8.5 kg in 46 cm) and to further reduce the vibrations of the engine. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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