The New Milano Malpensa SEA Prime Terminal

Milano Malpensa International Airport opens a new 24/7 terminal dedicated to business and general aviation

Recently opened, the new Malpensa Terminal covers a 1,400 sq m area between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with a 50,000 sq m apron and a 5,000 sq m hangar for executive jet aircraft.

SEA Prime opens its second FBO at Milan Malpensa, following that of Linate, favoring the economic development of the area and meeting the needs of the clients. Designed by One Works, the Terminal is a transparent glass building that makes it possible to see through it.

Left to right, Armando Brunini CEO SEA, Chiara Dorigotti, CEO SEA Prime, and Patrizia Savi, President SEA Prime

Passengers and crews are accommodated in five exclusively furnished lounge areas offering ultra luxury services such as meeting rooms, limousine service and concierge. Moreover, the Terminal is equipped with two airstrips, 100 VIP parking spaces and a business center.

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