Superfluid Presents Sup, the Surfboard by BorromeodeSilva

Sup – Superfluid Stand-up Paddleboard is a cutting-edge surfboard designed by BorromeodeSilva, the perfect balance between quality, aesthetics and technology Inspired by the elegance of aquatic mammals and the movement that allows them to emerge to breathe, Sup – Superfluid Stand-up Paddleboard – is a cutting-edge surfboard representing the manifesto of the values of Superfluid, […]

A Stosa Kitchen Means Family

Technology and passion for the new Stosa Cucine showroom For 50 years it has pursued with perseverance and passion the same dream. Stosa Cucine is an ambitious company controlled by the Sani family, committed to the creation of kitchens that are part of the everyday life of entire families. {%CAPTION%} The Tuscan production site covers […]

Temporary architecture: Casa Dendê Duratex, from Casacor Sao Paulo 2019


Architect Nildo José completed his first full house project in Casacor Sao Paulo 2019. A residence of 155 square meters, consisting of a large living room facing the garden, a dining area, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. The project combines many original solutions, mixing essential and very sophisticated elegance with authentically Brazilian elements, […]