Superfluid Presents Sup, the Surfboard by BorromeodeSilva

Sup – Superfluid Stand-up Paddleboard is a cutting-edge surfboard designed by BorromeodeSilva, the perfect balance between quality, aesthetics and technology

Inspired by the elegance of aquatic mammals and the movement that allows them to emerge to breathe, Sup – Superfluid Stand-up Paddleboard – is a cutting-edge surfboard representing the manifesto of the values of Superfluid, the new luxury brand of nautical accessories created by BorromeodeSilva, and the perfect balance between aesthetics and technology.

This product represents the ideal combination of research and innovation, the perfect balance between aesthetics and technique. The carbon mono hull weighs 11 kg on 3,8 meters and guarantees competitive performance and surprising stability. Developed with design and fluid dynamics experts, Sup is the result of the collaboration with Italian businesses of excellence: Fluid4Engineering, Angeloni Compositi and Carbonovus.

This brand new surfboard is the result of the internationally recognized experience of BorromeodeSilva in the automotive and boating industries. The practice has received several awards, including the recent “Land Rover Born Award”, and has established prestigious collaborations in different fields with brands such as Ferrari, Bugatti, Italdesign Giugiaro, Audi, Volkswagen, Technogym.

“The luxury brand Superfluid is a recognition of the skills acquired over the years by our firm, as it offers us a unique opportunity to develop a project from scratch. From the brand to the design concept, from the product’s name to the finished model and the market and communication strategies,” said Carlo Borromeo, partner of BorromeodeSilva, with Fabio Maria de Silva, Filippo Sgalbazzi and Marco Biancullo. [Text Cristina Provenzano]

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