Lorenzi Milano: new store, same excellence

In June 2019, the Milan-based store of Lorenzi Milano reopened, the ideal continuation of the historic G. Lorenzi store in Montenapoleone street

G. Lorenzi: a Milanese history

G. Lorenzi (permanently closed in 2014) was a shop founded in 1929 in Via Montenapoleone. Today heart of the Milanese fashion district, in the early twentieth century the street was part of an elegant and exclusive residential area, with an ideal clientele for a manufacturer of the highest quality as Lorenzi. Born as cutlery, G. Lorenzi had later expanded the offer with other household items, featuring first-class materials and workmanship.

Over the years, G. Lorenzi built an international reputation, for the wide range of objects of different kinds, such as chessboards, bathroom items, smoking items, as well as the wide choice of knives, of course. From the 1960s to 2014 the shop was run by brothers Franco and Aldo, sons of Giovanni.

Lorenzi Milano, today, is a company managed by Mauro Lorenzi, who belongs to the fourth generation of the family. After the closure of the historic store in Via Montenapoleone, Lorenzi kept on creating its collections of precious and exclusive objects in the workshop in Morimondo street, a place chosen by no coincidence, in the heart of old industrial Milan.

Fine materials such as precious woods, bamboo, mother-of-pearl, horn and marble are processed with great care to manufacture a wide range of objects, from travel and smoking accessories to those for personal care, from the renowned cutlery to even more sought-after products, such as cellar supplies. A men’s universe, as per long tradition, which also includes nappa leather backpacks and furnishing accessories, especially for the wardrobe.

Lorenzi Milano: the excellence keeps on going

The new Lorenzi Milano store, in the historic Palazzo Bolchini, in Piazza Meda (Meda square), is in the same exclusive area as the previous one. Designed by architect Filippo Dini, it is a contemporary version of the soul of the ancient shop. The finishes are in green marble Alpi and Ceppo di Gré, a stone extracted from the only quarry still active in Lombardy; the ceilings have brought to light the stuccoes of the 1930s. It occupies a surface of 180 square meters, featuring three large windows, and it’s furnished with Canaletto walnut shelving, just like the old cutlery shops of the past. Small containers covered with leather complete the display, confirming Lorenzi Milano‘s commitment to excellence. [Roberta Mutti]

Mauro Lorenzi (left), with Giovanni Lorenzi, founder of the cutlery in via Montenapoleone (Montenapoleone street).

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