Faber know-how: the induction hobs

Advanced technology, uniform cooking, built-in hood: the induction hobs by Faber

Induction hobs: high technology

The induction hob is a great solution to combine aesthetics, technology, safety and comfort in the kitchen. Induction hobs can be integrated into any interior style, feature a cold cooking surface, without any risk of burns, and cook to perfection thanks to the uniform distribution of the heat. The smooth surface also allows for easier cleaning.

Energy efficiency
The induction hobs are more energy-efficient, compared to the gas hobs, thanks to better use of heat. This means that an induction hob, with the heat concentrated on the bottom of the pot, boils water more quickly than a gas hob, so overall it saves energy.

Faber, a specialist in advanced technology in the kitchen, expands its range with different models of induction hobs, coordinated with over 40 models of hoods, to create a perfectly integrated and connected kitchen.

The ideal solution for functionality and aesthetics: hood built-in in the induction hob

The Galileo induction hob is a further step forward. An essential hob with advanced technology, incorporates a latest generation hood, fully invisible in the hob. Hood and hob, in-class A+++, feature high performance, both in terms of safety and power. Hob and hood are waterproof, thanks to a compartment collecting the liquids accidentally leaking out while cooking. The compartment for liquids is small enough to allow the installation of a drawer in the space below.

The Galileo hood, built-in in the hob, is equipped with a Brushless motor, silent and efficient, to save energy and get the maximum comfort. Moreover, the hood features the ‘automatic function’: it automatically switches on at the most suitable speed, when needed. The suction speed can be boosted up to 5 times, to prevent persistent odors and vapors, or it can be boosted further, for 6 minutes, for special cooking needs. [Text Anguilla Segura]


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