T Tower by Antrax IT, a cover radiator

DDN has chosen a designer radiator by Antrax IT for the cover of its latest issue to highlight the creative soul of the company as well as the elegance of its products, protagonists of the decoration

Antrax IT is a Treviso-based company specializing in impactful and high-performing designer radiators. Thanks to their minimal and clean-cut lines, elegant and innovative shapes, the radiators by Antrax IT are furnishings that look like sculptures, blending design and art, to always offer original results.

On the cover of the latest issue of DDN, T Tower designer radiator

The T Tower designer radiator, by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, is a free-standing radiator that, in the electric version, does not require any installation, and the plug must simply be inserted into the socket. Its clean and simple line, based on the juxtaposition of two T-shaped aluminum profiles, makes it possible to place the radiator in any kind of space.

200 color variants are available, allowing you to customize your radiator so that it can perfectly harmonize with any interior design style. Thanks to the possibility of customizing it, the radiator becomes a piece of furniture that keeps its peculiarity even when it does not perform its heating function. In line with this principle, Antrax IT has paid special attention also to the design of the cable reel, which conceals the electric cable making the product even more eclectic and versatile.

The Graff IT project

Graffiti with the #arancione dentro (“orange inside”) hashtag on the cover of DDN#250.

A vivid, warm and bright color that recalls the pop and lively soul of the company. It is not by chance that the company logo is in a lighter shade of orange.

Graffiti with the #arancione dentro hashtag referencing Antrax IT products, which are elegant, versatile, can be potentially used anywhere and by anyone, as in the case of the street artist in the video.

[Text Carlotta Russo]

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