A’ Design Award & Competition 2019/20 Call for Submissions

10A’ Design Award & Competition is back with a new edition. The deadline to register for the 2019/20 edition is September 30th, 2019

A’ Design Award, one of the world’s most important and renowned design competitions, is back. An international jury of over 200 professional experts, including designers, architects, bloggers, journalists, researchers and university professors, is ready to evaluate the projects and to award the most creative and innovative.

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To register for this year’s edition, click here.

The deadline to submit your finished projects, completed in the last 10 years, or concepts that have not been realized yet is September 30th.

Exhibition of the winning projects of the 2018/2019 edition at “MOOD”, former Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy (12 June – 31 July 2019)

A’ Design Award & Competition: the prizes

The 3D printed trophy for the winners of the A’ Design Award

The awards are divided into Platinum, Golden, Silver, Bronze and A’ Design Award, for the categories Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award and Good Fashion Design Award.

The certificate of excellence in international design, given to winners during the gala night

Winners will receive a certificate of excellence and exhibition, the invitation to the gala night and the award ceremony, a 3D printed metal trophy, the chance to present their project during a travelling exhibition, an A2 poster depicting all the winning projects, a publication in the Annual Yearbook, the distribution of the press review of their project in more than 20 languages via DesignPRWire, reaching an audience as wide as possible. Find out all the advantages here.

Annual Yearbook, featuring all the winning projects

Winning an A’ Design Award is very important to spread your projects globally and is a rewarding acknowledgement for your career.

Below are some of the projects awarded during the A’ Design Award & Competition 2018/19

Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design

Rong bench, design Wei Wei

Awarded in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category, the Rong bench by Wei Wei is a charming granite seat with a curved metal pipe at its base, also used for the backrest and armrests.

Discover other winners of A’ Design Award & Competition 2018/2019

Discover why to apply to A’ Design Award Competition 2019/20


Another winning project is the Floating Landscape magnetic mirror by Su Fang Yuan-Zen Chic Co. The wooden frame surrounding the acrylic mirror and a thin steel plate contains a magnet that enables the movement of the external silicone magnets. Using your imagination and the magnets in the shape of mountains and birds, you can create new pictures as well as hang photos, necklaces or memos.

A’ Architecture, Building and Structure 

The Cube, private house designed by Ahmed Habib-Lines

The Cube, the private house designed by Ahmed Habib-Lines, has won a Gold A’ Design Award. The basic elements of the project are the cubic form evoked by the name and the imposing stone walls reminiscent of ancient temples. The architect wanted to explore the relationship between solids and voids and to establish a continuous dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces. The project is characterized by the presence of external courtyards that favor natural ventilation and a metal screen that recalls a typically Islamic pattern. There is also an internal courtyard, where, thanks to an air conditioning system, it is possible to enjoy the garden experience in every season, away from prying eyes.

Shatin Movie Town Cinema, Hong Kong

The Shatin Movie Town Cinema, by Associated Architects Limited, winner of an Iron A’ Design Award, is the largest film complex in New Territories, Hong Kong. The 3,600 sq m area includes six cinemas, a 1,600-seat MX4D theater and a café. The box-shaped cinema block is characterized by iconic M-shaped features on the façades, hosting movie trailer displays and allowing you to see the foyer from the glass wall.

A’ Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Award

The toy for young children designed by Nishit Gupta to bring today’s kids back to more natural, stimulating and creative play moments, away from technology, is another winning project. With Fastener Block, they can keep building new characters and imagine new stories.

Fastener Block, by Nishit Gupta, toy for fine motor skills development addressed to 3-5 year olds

Made of natural wood and fabric, Fastener Block helps improve the motor skills of 3-5 year olds. Press studs also help strengthen the muscles of the hands, fingers and wrists.

A’ Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award

Carqon, the electric bike by Carqon Design Team, has won the Gold Design Award. Designed to make travel in city traffic faster and more comfortable, it is aimed primarily at parents who, always in a hurry and struggling with their children, want to move comfortably on a luxury bike.

Carqon, the electric bike by Carqon Design Team

Carqon can accommodate more people and is very easy to use. The frame is made of aluminum and is easy to assembly and disassembly, with a middle engine, dual battery option for extra long driving range, safety systems, a lighting system with LED strips, front light and a storage compartment for the rain cover.

A’ Home Appliances Design Award

Natede, air purifier

The air purifier Natede by Vincenzo Vitiello – Laboratori Fabrici has won the Silver A’ Design Award. Natede’s core technology is phytoremediation: this device forces air through the roots of plants to amplify its natural purifying power. This method was studied by NASA in the ’80s and implemented by Laboratori Fabrici during a 3 years’ research at PNAT and LINV, two of the world’s most important laboratories of plant neurobiology.

Natede features an incredible photocatalytic filter that does not need to be replaced, eliminates viruses, bacteria and significantly reduces odors. It is quite easy to use: a proximity sensor allows you to turn it on and off by simply approaching your hand. Natede also features an LED guide that lets you see the quality of the air without checking the app on your phone. Moreover, this purifier is environmentally friendly: it uses natural materials, with no added toxic glues.

A’ Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award

Muse, by Marianela Salinas Jaimes, is a ceramic decorative plate, designed to make food more interesting from a visual point of view. The illustration printed on the plate is a divine figure, embellished with flowers.x

Muse, ceramic decorative plate

The illustration is created by a serigraphic process cured at high temperatures to better fix the stamping. Muse can be used both as a decorative and a serving plate. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

A’ Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design Award

Orange Mood, by Julia Wagner and Vlad Greben, is a digital ad created to promote the new collections of some furniture brands distributed by Raumbild GmbH, attracting the attention of customers and inviting them to buy the products.

Digital ad by Julia Wagner and Vlad Greben

It is no coincidence that the predominant color in the ad is orange, which, according to some studies, has healing effects on human beings, favoring good mood, making them more energetic and vital, and therefore more likely to carry out any activity – even shopping, of course! The ad is enriched with surreal elements thanks to the use of Photoshop, CG Artist and ArchiCad, graphic programs used to create style and color combinations for selected items and the whole interior design project.

A’ Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award

Chile 2018 Unspoiled Nature, Chriss Tattersall

During a journey sponsored by Nikon in October 2018, Chriss Tattersall photographed the most beautiful landscapes of Patagonia and Easter Island. [Text Carlotta Russo]

Discover other winners of A’ Design Award & Competition 2018/2019

 Discover why to apply to A’ Design Award Competition 2019/20




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