Cersaie 2019: Lapitec and Sintered Stone Slabs

A sintered stone collection characterized by great versatility

At Cersaie 2019, Lapitec presents its new sintered stone products, with large format slabs featuring ‘through-body veining’ creating harmonious patterns. An absolute white base has delicate gray veins available in three variants: from geometric patterns, to thick veins, to more delicate ones. Three versatile variants for a 100% natural and original material. [Text Isabelle Fournier]


The new sintered stone collection by Lapitec at Cersaie 2019; in the picture, the Bianco Elettra version.


The main features shared by the three variants made available by the brand are the large format, the absolute white base (in the picture, Bianco Vittoria) and the different through-body veins.

In the third picture, the Bianco Aurora version confirms the elegance of the through-body veins presented by Lapitec.

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