Smeg and La Pavoni: The Coffee Machine Is the New Challenge

Smeg, the Italian company known for its beautiful appliances, announces the acquisition of La Pavoni, pioneering manufacturer of espresso coffee machines


Smeg needs no introduction. Its Fab50 collection is a global success thanks to which technological appliances have become part of the furniture in all respects.

La Pavoni: the espresso coffee machine

Established in Milan in 1905, La Pavoni is a pioneering manufacturer of espresso coffee machines. It has been the first company in Italy that has produced espresso coffee machines, of which it acquired the patent.

Over the years, La Pavoni has always stood out for its collaborations with architects and designers. Among them, we can mention the one with Gio Ponti, resulting in La Cornuta, 1948, a metal sculpture with an unmistakable profile.


Among the products resulting from several collaborations we can also mention Concorso, aka Diamante, the coffee machine designed by Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari for a competition organized by magazines Casabella, Domus and Stileindustria, in 1956.


Smeg’s acquisition of La Pavoni will lead the two companies to share their expertise and mutual affinities for their product lines, paying great attention to design and details, while affirming the quality of Made in Italy products.

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