Sigma Coatings Presents Sigma Fresh Air, the Eco-Friendly Paint that Purifies Air

Thanks to the research constantly carried out at PPG Industries laboratories, Sigma Coatings offers technological and innovative solutions to indoor pollution

The issues of air pollution and environmental sustainability are certainly not new to us, especially these days. However, not everyone is aware of the damage caused by indoor air pollution, caused by concentrations of pollutants from sources inside buildings, which are usually generated in the spaces we live in.

Sigma Fresh Air: the paint that purifies air

Sigma Coatings, a brand of PPG Univer Spa and a leading Italian company in the field of construction paints, has developed Sigma Fresh Air with Indoor Air Technology, a bio water-based mural painting relying on Decovery resin, a binding agent made of 45% completely renewable raw materials. This special product can purify indoor air by filtering and neutralizing up to 70% formaldehyde in just one day. The result is guaranteed for up to 7 years.

Indoor air is up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. One of the most common pollutants is formaldehyde, an invisible and colorless gas, largely employed in building and furnishing materials, particularly in pressed wood, chipboard and plywood.

Sigma Fresh Air, besides being completely formaldehyde-free, completely eliminates it, purifying air and making it clean, healthy and scented.

Sigma Fresh Air is a super-matt paint available in any color and suitable for any indoor space. For those who are really concerned about sustainability, Sigma Coatings develops completely eco-friendly projects, with packaging made from 100% recycled materials.


The quality, high sustainability and low environmental impact of Sigma Fresh Air are certified by Dubokeur. [Text Giuliana Maio]

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